Recording At Studio

 Current listing of Bands/Artists/Projects


The Dangers - Land Of Opportunity - CD released August 2017

Eleventy - recording.  Projected release 2018

Eric Cutshall - recording/mixing. Release early 2018

Plum Nelly - EP

Michael Taelour - recording

Rullian - tracking

Whitewater Station - video demo

Warner Express - demo

Suzie & The Cruizers - CD

Post Production Sound & Video

"Noah's Park" season 1 released on Amazon

The Dangers - "In Our Room" podcast

Fi-Stock 2017 - Live show recorded in Sepember with The Dangers, Mark Nemetz, Hickman/LeRoy, Salty Raisins, The Conditionz

6th Annual Lo-Fi Christmas Rock Show & Food Drive




The Dangers - All Rivers Collide - CD released August 2016

Third Stream Crossing - Finished 2nd CD

Barking Spider - CD recording

Slang - 2 song single

Fi-Stock 2016 - Live show recorded in August with Dust On The Radio, Mark Nemitz, Kevin Day, The Dangers and Johnny Hickman/Chris LeRoy

Video Production/Post Production Projects

Raincross Drive - video performance

The Dangers - "In Our Room with The Dangers" podcast

"Noah's Park" - children's television series


The Dangers - In Our Room - CD released August 2015

Underground City - EP recording

The Sedans - upcoming singles

Buffalo Blues Band - in session

Traveling Standing Still - EP recording

Barking Spider - EP recording

Live Recording - An Evening with Sean Longstreet and Friends February 2015

Post Production Sound

"Noah's Park" - children's television series

"The Dark Gospels" - independent feature film





Third Stream Crossing - CD released July 2014

The Sedans - ongoing project

Jimmy Faragher - album project

The Dangers - CD Sound Of Waves - released September 2014

Songwriter's Showcase - Dan Bern, The Sedans and (actual size) live recording August 2014

Fi-Stock 2014 - live recording The Dangers, Claremont Voodoo Society, Soul Shake, The Sedans, Wendy Hunt

Post Production Sound

"Noah's Park"

"The Dark Gospels"


The Dangers - CD "Gold!!" released September 2013

Claremont Voodoo Society - live recording CD 2013

The Names Of God - CD released in 2014

Fi-Stock 2013 - live recording Claremont Voodoo Society, Dust On The Radio, The Dangers

Post Production Sound

 "Coffin Baby"

"Forbidden Dimensions" 


The Dangers - released Embrace The Light Outside in summer 2012

Fi-Stock 2012 -  live recording featuring The Dangers, Claremont Voodoo Society, Paper Crowns, Skeeter Truck and Chris LeRoy & Johnny Hickman.

Yoga Das - live recording (May 2012)

Ray Zeglier - tracking songs for upcoming CD

The Mighty Grasshoppers - tracking

The Mill Creek Boys - 3 songs completed for videos.  In the video, the band performs an original song, "Box of Letters."


Chris LeRoy - released The Spirit That Brings Us Here

Paperplanes - tracking for 2012 CD

Fi-Stock 2011 - live recording of Johnny Hickman & Chris LeRoy, The Mighty Grasshoppers, Claremont Voodoo Society, Blue Train & Mark Miller